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29 września 2023

Invisible solution seals doors properly

Invisible solution seals doors properly
fot. ASSA ABLOY | Invisible solution seals doors properly

Thanks to our Planet drop-down seals, entrances to buildings are sealed in a safe, secure and sustainable way – saving energy, reducing noise pollution and making spaces accessible for everyone.

Sometimes the smallest things can present a lot of challenges. The space between the bottom edge of the door and the floor is one of these. This gap can let warm or cold air in or out, sound can travel under the door, and it can be a safety issue in case of a fire. 

The Planet drop-down seal completely closes the gap between the door and the floor by automatically dropping the seal from inside the door when it is closed and withdrawing it when the door is opened. All the while the seal stays hidden inside the door, keeping the look of the door intact and the solution almost invisible.

Often the door to floor gap is taken care of by a threshold, but these can present a barrier to access for wheelchair users, strollers, delivery carts and more. Our drop-down seals keep buildings barrier-free. What’s more, they reduce noise and light pollution, improve temperature control and increase protection against fire and smoke. The seals are easily fitted to new or existing doors in residential or commercial buildings or public facilities such as hospitals, offices and hotels.