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27 września 2023

GEALAN-COMFORT:® Floor-level premium sleeper solution now available

GEALAN-COMFORT:® Floor-level premium sleeper solution now available
fot. GEALAN | GEALAN-COMFORT:® Floor-level premium sleeper solution now available

GEALAN-COMFORT® is here: With the new floor-level threshold solution, barrier-free transitions in accordance with DIN 18040 are possible. In addition, GEALAN-COMFORT® offers an aesthetically sophisticated solution with a smooth transition without a visible threshold. The first customers have already been able to get to know the new GEALAN premium threshold in practice.

It was unveiled and announced some time ago – GEALAN's new premium threshold solution is now available to all manufacturers of front and balcony doors. The floor-level variant is based on GEALAN's tried-and-tested standard threshold: Fabricators who already install this 20 mm threshold from GEALAN with its stable and heat-insulating composite of PVC and aluminium can now easily implement the premium GEALAN-COMFORT® variant from it – barrier-free transitions are possible with the new GEALAN solution flush with the floor. Can be implemented for both house and balcony doors in the GEALAN S 9000 system. 

First practical experience at Walter Fensterbau 

The company Walter Fensterbau from Augsburg has already been able to take a closer look at the new GEALAN premium sleeper – and even put it on the production tables – as plant manager Herbert Höß describes: 

We built a double-leaf balcony door in the GEALAN S 9000 AD system in a sample stop and were able to familiarise ourselves with GEALAN-COMFORT® and the workmanship here.

Theory and practice in Augsburg: GEALAN trains and supports Walter Fensterbau in the production and introduction of the new floor-level threshold (source: Walter Fensterbau).

Since 1996, Walter Fensterbau has been working with GEALAN threshold solutions, currently with the 20 mm standard threshold on which GEALAN-COMFORT® is based. 

Herbert Höß: So we already have the basic knowledge in-house, which helps us to expand our product range. In addition, GEALAN-COMFORT® is very prefabricated and very intuitive to process, that's our first impression.

After the first practical experience with the new GEALAN premium sleeper, Walter Fensterbau has already been able to experience great benefits for its own production, as the plant manager describes: 

We manufacture fully automatically. A decisive advantage here is that we only have to leave the installation depth minimally when processing GEALAN-COMFORT®. This means that I can get the new threshold through fully automated series production, produce it as standard and don't have to start a special construction.

Premium workmanship, premium capabilities 

The major technical advantages of the new GEALAN sleeper system: no stop, floor-level transitions, maximum system compatibility, maximum quality. A mechanical lowering seal – proven in around one million test cycles – ensures driving rain tightness and windproofness. Aluminum tread profiles for level compensation flush with the floor are used before the lowering seal. 

Gaps between the aluminium profiles are used to discharge driving rainwater in a targeted manner via the inclined threshold level into upstream on-site drainage systems. Swivel bolts and strike plates specially integrated into the range can be used for the construction of turn-tilt and mullion elements with the floor-level threshold. On top of that, GEALAN sleepers are suitable for contour milling. In this way, the transition between the threshold and the frame can be made even more visually appealing. 

Modular system as an advantage for processors 

Based on the 20 mm standard threshold, the GEALAN-COMFORT® design can be used flexibly in the S 9000 system, with other GEALAN systems to follow. This makes the floor-level premium threshold suitable for renovation projects as well as for barrier-free transitions in new buildings. GEALAN-COMFORT® can thus be combined into a premium product that creates real added value on proven GEALAN systems.  

Herbert Höß goes beyond the technical advantages of GEALAN-COMFORT® for his company Walter Fensterbau: At GEALAN, I have my proven contacts, I know who I can sit down with and solve problems, if there are any. Everything from a single source, as the saying goes. That's how I imagine it!

Avoid stumbling blocks of the future now

With both available threshold variants, GEALAN makes its well thought-out contribution to avoiding tripping hazards and enabling safe movement for everyone in every situation. So if you are already thinking about the future when building or renovating a house today, you can already create sustainable transitions for all generations. With a smooth transition without a visible threshold, GEALAN-COMFORT® enables not only a barrier-free, but also an aesthetically particularly sophisticated solution. 


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