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26 września 2023

Your window system can do even more: TEXINO makes your smart home child’s play

Your window system can do even more: TEXINO makes your smart home child’s play
fot. GEALAN | Your window system can do even more: TEXINO makes your smart home child’s play

Your own rooms, conveniently connected: With TEXINO's Smart Home solutions, you can create a healthy and safe home with just a few clicks. Discover all the possibilities of window and door automation and how to upgrade your home with TEXINO’s solutions on the newly created website featuring the new brand from VEKA and GEALAN.

The exclusive partnership between two market leaders was announced at the end of 2021. Now the collaboration between Homematic IP and VEKA has both a name and a face. With the launch of the new TEXINO website, the jointly developed intelligent window and facade solutions have their own brand and platform:

No need to fear complex, expensive systems and vulnerable interfaces: The new TEXINO brand will soon offer simple, secure Smart Home solutions that are 100% compatible with one another.

What is TEXINO?

The new TEXINO brand brings the skills of two premium manufacturers under one roof: eQ-3, which Berg Insight has repeatedly named the European market leader for whole home systems, brings its smart home system Homematic IP to the partnership. The VEKA Group, with the two system providers VEKA and GEALAN, is the world market leader in PVC window profiles. These specialists have now pooled their expertise. The result? User-friendly, high-quality yet affordable window, door and shading solutions for everyone who wants a convenient way to make life easier and healthier – from the perfect indoor climate in the bedroom, to automatic door opening, to the ideal room temperature.

Do I have to be a smart home expert?

With TEXINO products, window manufacturers gain a simple, safe entry into the smart home business. The straightforward solutions create valuable added benefits at the window. In addition to the tested product combinations, TEXINO also includes the full-service, A-to-Z package: with its installation instructions, training programmes and personal support, getting into the field of window and door automation is child’s play.

eQ-3’s network of specialist companies supports window manufacturers in a way that is tailored to their day-to-day business: if they want to use existing smart home components from Homematic IP’s broad portfolio, the eQ-3 specialist handles the installation. As soon as the TEXINO products are available, the specialist can also install them in the window element. If window manufacturers want to expand their own expertise, they can draw on TEXINO’s support to gain the skills they need to install and set up the Smart Home solutions themselves.

Simple and secure

TEXINO’s solutions are designed to be not only child’s play to install but also intuitive to operate. Users also benefit from Homematic IP’s multi-award-winning safety. The eQ-3 system has been certified for the fifth time in a row by the VDE for IT, protocols and data. Control is simple and up to date: Intelligent windows are easily operated with buttons or the free Homematic IP app – anytime and anywhere. The connected roller shutter optionally opens and closes by voice command.

TEXINO offers selected components that can be combined with more than 150 Homematic IP smart products. The advantage: users have virtually unlimited possibilities for expanding their smart home systems, even at a later point in time. At the same time, they benefit from the years of experience and expertise of market leaders.


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