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15 września 2023

Vacuum-powered sheet metal handling – an investment in the future

With the lifting device eT-Hover-loop smooth and structured surfaces of up to 500 kg can be handled and turned horizontally or vertically by 180° using a linear drive.
fot. Eurotech | With the lifting device eT-Hover-loop smooth and structured surfaces of up to 500 kg can be handled and turned horizontally or vertically by 180° using a linear drive.

From 7 to 10 November, euroTECH will be showcasing a selection of its products at booth 5506, hall 5 of the Blechexpo trade fair in Stuttgart. EuroTECH Vertriebs GmbH from Rosenfeld is a medium-sized company offering a comprehensive portfolio of vacuum lifting devices with innovatively designed components, all produced in house. The unique advantages of this flexible supplier are particularly beneficial for the sheet metal industry.

At the trade fair, the company will be exhibiting its eT-Hover lifting devices in the all-round, loop, univac and univac-line designs. Depending on design, these models allow the user to handle loads of up to 750 kg, with smooth or structured surfaces, ergonomically and semi-automatically. As well as a horizontal and vertical intake and guidance system, they offer a comfortable swivelling range of 360 degrees and/or an electromechanical slewing range of up to 180 degrees. Manufacturers of curved sheet metal for the agricultural, chemical, food or building industries are only a few of the many clients who profit from the favourable vacuum handling properties of the eT-Hover-univac. EuroTECH will also present its eT-Grabo: the world’s first battery-powered, handheld grapper for effortlessly carrying and lifting lighter loads manually. Besides the lifting devices on display, the company’s portfolio also contains models with a carrying capacity of more than 750 kg.

Individual customer solutions and service

In addition to the versatile standard models from the eT-Hover lifting device product range, perfect for handling sheet metal, euroTECH also develops customised solutions made to order. As a flexible manufacturer of vacuum lifting devices and vacuum components, it can adapt any product range to meet the requirements of specific lifting tasks. Its customer Storemaster, a specialist for sheet metal storage, has availed itself of this service with excellent results. 

The vacuum lifting device which euroTECH developed specially for the company’s successful MasterTower solution has a flat structure and intelligent control technology. These allow it to be integrated perfectly into the heavy-duty sheet metal storage system. Of course, euroTECH products come with a comprehensive service package ranging from after-sale, training and commissioning to safety inspections (UVV) of hoists and lightweight suspended cranes.

Forward-looking, ergonomic vacuum lifting technology

Vacuum-powered sheet metal handling is a crucial way to boost efficiency. Thanks to its partially automated approach, euroTECH vacuum technology offers its customers considerable added value. This supports the objectives of lean production and saves time and money. 

The seals of the base plates can be pulled off and replaced after wear. The base plate does not have to be dismantled.

In addition, vacuum technology improves occupational health and safety by reducing the physical strain of manual lifting. EuroTECH’s comprehensive vacuum expertise effectively eases the burden placed on an ageing workforce in the face of labour shortages and a lack of qualified junior staff.

Components for sustainable, economical handling 

EuroTECH produces its components and accessories to high ecological and economic standards. Normally, seals and suction plates are inseparably connected. Once one part wears out, both have to be discarded and replaced. EuroTECH has found an intelligent solution to this problem: the base plate remains in place. Only the worn seals are removed and replaced. The company also uses a wide range of surface materials which can be combined flexibly with seals of various materials and sizes. Combined, the two solutions save time and money when handling components – and the environment benefits, too.

Preventing marks intelligently

EuroTECH’s reliable protective MTC covers for vacuum lifters, fully developed in house, are another highlight of its catalogue. First developed more than 20 years ago as a solution for handling delicate glass surfaces, they have proven just as useful for sheet metal. They leave barely a trace on the delicate surfaces, and suction cup marks are mostly avoided. This is especially important for high-gloss finishes. The extremely lightweight MTC covers are tear-resistant, adaptable, breathable and lint-free.

Well worth a visit: euroTECH at Blechexpo

EuroTECH’s innovative vacuum lifting devices and components are a modern, safe and efficient solution for future challenges in sheet metal handling. They already meet all labour market requirements for a modern industrial workplace. Now is the perfect time to learn all about euroTECH’s portfolio of vacuum lifting devices and components at Blechexpo.