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25 sierpnia 2023

Guardian Glass Introduces ClimaGuard 55 Residential Glass

Guardian Glass Introduces ClimaGuard 55 Residential Glass
fot. Guardian | Guardian Glass Introduces ClimaGuard 55 Residential Glass

Guardian Glass™ North America has launched ClimaGuard™ 55 coated glass, offering a best-in-class solar heat gain coefficient for the mid-VLT category product (as of this publication) to help residential window manufacturers meet increasingly stringent energy standards with industry-leading performance.

Designed for ENERGY STAR® Version 7.0 compliance in the Southern, South-Central and North-Central zones of the United States, ClimaGuard 55 coating is a double-silver product with triple silver performance. It provides a visible light transmission of 55%, a U-Value of 0.243 to support thermal insulation and a best-in-class solar heat gain coefficient of 0.258.

ClimaGuard 55 will give homeowners in warm climates a subtle, neutral aesthetic while helping to block solar heat and glare without darkening the room, helping to create bright, inviting interiors and clear views. Combining CG 55 with Guardian ClimaGuard IS 20 interior surface coating will further enhance performance by further reducing solar heat gain and U-Value.

Because ClimaGuard 55 will help keep homeowners ahead of the latest sustainability standards, it will bring value for years to come – says Darlene Aldred, Residential Segment Marketing Manager, Guardian Glass Americas.

ClimaGuard 55 is the newest edition to the ClimaGuard suite of products designed to help customers meet ENERGY Star Version 7.0 and other codes that drive energy conservation in residential buildings – adds Suresh Devisetti, Director of Product Management, Guardian Glass Americas. – This launch is a good example of creative destruction in action where trading good product for better performing product to proactively deliver a next gen product with notable improvements to solar heat gain and thermal performance.

ClimaGuard 55 specifications:

» Standard IGU Configuration: Surface #2

» Triple-pane IGU: Surface #2 and/or #5

» Sizes: 72 x” 84", 72" x 96", 96" x 130” and 96" x 144"

» Thickness: 2.3mm–5mm

» Can be heat-treated and tempered for safety and thermal stress resistance

» Guardian Glass experts can support manufacturers and builders using this glass to meet new codes with little to no modification of window designs.