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24 sierpnia 2023

NorthGlass Light-Stone Illuminates a New Style of Architecture

New exterior wall of Shanghai North Glass Office Building
fot. NorthGlass | New exterior wall of Shanghai North Glass Office Building

The Shanghai North Glass Office Building, located in the Songjiang Sci-Tech Industrial Park in Shanghai, has been built for 18 years. With the passage of time and the baptism of wind and rain, the problem of paint fading and peeling off of traditional exterior curtain wall materials in office buildings has become increasingly apparent, prompting the company to decide to upgrade and renovate the building's exterior walls.

The curtain wall construction area of Shanghai North Glass Office Building has reached 1300 square meters. In order to achieve a more durable and elegant appearance, the project selected the innovative exterior wall material - Light-Stone, independently developed by North Glass Light-Stone Company, and used 5cm thick Sandstone Surface Light-Stone thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel. The Light-Stone surface layer and foam insulation layer are formed in one go at high temperatures of up to 1200 ℃, fundamentally solving problems such as adhesion and detachment, enhancing their weather resistance, and being able to maintain good condition for a long time in various harsh weather conditions. The selected textures and finishes give the building a unique texture and depth.

North Glass Light-Stone is produced in the factory through industrial production, processed into standardized products, and then directly transported to the construction site. The mature standardized hanging form makes it more convenient for external wall decoration to be directly installed on the wall, greatly shortening the construction cycle.

The ingenious renovation of North Glass Light-Stone has brought a new look to the office building of Shanghai North Glass. The patterns on the sandstone surface of the wall are like flowing lines of poetry, with delicate lines outlining natural rhythms. The pure white wall is clean and bright, and the light and shadow blend with the wall to create a unique aesthetic, like a scroll of art, becoming increasingly dazzling in the flow of time.

In addition, through modular design, the Light-Stone unit wall combined with light steel keel can be used as an independent unit or pre-installed as an integral wall, flexibly applied to prefabricate building systems, solving the pain points of the industrialization of opaque building exterior walls, making traditional walls simpler and rougher.

The success of the exterior wall upgrades project of Shanghai North Glass Office Building not only brings a new look to the building, but also reflects the innovative spirit and technical strength of North Glass Company in the field of building materials. North Glass Light-Stone will continue to shine in the urban architectural environment, contributing a unique stroke to the diverse urban appearance.