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17 sierpnia 2023

ift special show 'Protection against overheating' at R+T 2024

ift special show 'Protection against overheating' at R+T 2024
fot. IFT | ift special show 'Protection against overheating' at R+T 2024

Solar shading as efficient, climate-safe and sustainable protection against overheating of buildings

As a result of climate change, extreme heat is becoming more frequent and more intense. The number of heatwave days is increasing and new maximum temperatures are being reached. This has significant negative consequences for people and the environment. The ift special show "Protection against overheating" will therefore demonstrate from 19 – 23 February 2024 in Stuttgart at the world's leading trade fair R+T (Hall 9) how efficient, climate-safe and sustainable sun protection must look and be labelled. The focus will be on reducing CO2 emissions during manufacture and use, sustainable production, ease of repair and maintenance, and protection against climate extremes. Interested manufacturers of products and services can apply now.

The challenges for sun protection, doors and the building industry due to climate change, cost increases, the shortage of skilled workers and the housing shortage are extreme – every manufacturer must adapt its strategies. The previous fixation on costs and resource use at the time of construction of building products must be overcome, because construction and renovation of buildings will have an impact for decades. They must be able to withstand future climate extremes (overheating, tornadoes and heavy rainfall with local flooding).

This is especially true for protection against overheating, which is often neglected, even though heat waves cause up to 10,000 heat-related deaths according to an RKI study from 2022. Sun protection systems must be sustainable and climate-safe. Climate-safe means: avoiding CO2, energy-efficient, sustainable and climate-sensitive. Therefore, "grey energy" in manufacturing as well as easy reparability, maintenance or replacement must also be given a higher priority.

With well-designed adaptive shading shading systems with a low gtotal value, solar energy gains can be optimally used in the solar energy gains in the heating season and keep the buildings cool in the summer cool in the summer without using large amounts of energy for air conditioning. At the same time roller shutters and sun protection systems have to withstand increased demands due to heat, high surface temperatures, hurricanes and hailstorms, as well as providing protection against burglary and noise.

The Special show "Protection against overheating" by Landesmesse Stuttgart and ift Rosenheim at R+T 2024 will show how sustainable, climate-proof and energy-efficient building elements and sun protection systems must look and be have to be labelled. This includes above all building products such as such as adaptive solar shading and night cooling as protection against overheating from overheating, switchable glazing and shading in the space between the panes or control systems for solar shading and ventilation for higher energy efficiency.

Interested suppliers of suitable products and services can apply as co-exhibitors. Information and application forms can be found at