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9 sierpnia 2023

FAKRO Smart App: Higher Comfort, Safety, and Savings in Your Smart Home

FAKRO Smart App: Higher Comfort, Safety, and Savings in Your Smart Home
fot. FAKRO | FAKRO Smart App: Higher Comfort, Safety, and Savings in Your Smart Home

FAKRO proudly presents FAKRO Smart App. This innovative application brings smart solutions to your home, enhancing the comfort of living, providing complete safety, and enabling cost savings. Additionally, the app allows for individual customization of the system to meet your specific needs, ensuring even greater user convenience.

Key benefits of using the FAKRO Smart App:

1. Higher Comfort of Living: By integrating electronically controlled devices, your home will "think for you" providing easier and more comfortable daily functioning.

2. Complete Safety: The FAKRO smartHome system protects you from burglary, fire, and flooding, while also allowing for monitoring the status of windows, doors, and electrical devices. It is an ideal solution for seniors, children, and people with reduced mobility, providing them with increased safety and security.

3. Savings: The app enables configuring the system to save electrical and thermal energy, reducing usage costs.

4. Free Time: With FAKRO smartHome, you can focus on relaxation, as intelligent solutions allow your home to function autonomously, saving valuable time for other activities.

5. Health: Thanks to smart solutions, your home can optimize the amount of natural light in rooms, maintain suitable temperatures, and ensure air quality, positively affecting the well-being and health of the occupants.

6. Individual Solutions: The FAKRO Smart App allows for modifying the system extensively, adding additional devices and sensors that best suit your needs and preferences.

The FAKRO Smart App also enables management of other devices in your home (within the TUYA system), creates scenarios, facilitates easy and direct shopping in the FAKRO online store, and provides valuable advice on the FAKRO blog. Additionally, the app is fully integrated with voice services like Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing convenient device control through voice commands.

FAKRO devices compatible with FAKRO Smart also cooperate with other applications supporting the Tuya Smart system—an advanced smart control system based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. This allows for creating a smart home in a simple and convenient way, avoiding the need for wall renovation and costly wiring. The wide range of Tuya Smart devices ensures an affordable and user-friendly solution for anyone seeking intelligent solutions.

» We invite you to download the FAKRO Smart App from the official Google Play store!


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