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8 sierpnia 2023

Successful product launch – ARTEVO now available

Successful product launch – ARTEVO now available
fot. REHAU | Successful product launch – ARTEVO now available

REHAU Window Solutions has successfully concluded the Welcome ARTEVO Week 2023. The charisma of the impressive format on the occasion of the market launch of the revolutionary ARTEVO profile system remains. This is shown by the all-round positive reactions in the course of intensive dialogues with enthusiastic window professionals from all over the world.

ARTEVO sets new standards in terms of design, buildable sash sizes, productivity and sustainability. The new premium system combines numerous unique features into a revolutionary solution for future- and success-oriented window professionals. 360 degrees ARTEVO stands for best values in all areas. The Welcome ARTEVO Week brought the immense technical innovation of REHAU Window Solutions to life for all senses – says Frank Zimmermann, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of REHAU Window Solutions.

The week-long format offered product communication on a new and trend-setting level for the window industry. The visitors enjoyed premium infotainment for a convincing 360-degree experience with ARTEVO: among other things, by means of a spectacular 3D multimedia show, a showroom for intensive direct product experiences, training sessions with valuable expert knowledge for users or an area for meeting with convincing and sales-promoting marketing tools.

ARTEVO. Create Difference. Grow Business.

REHAU Window Solutions translated the promise of ARTEVO's 360-degree performance into a spectacular event with the Welcome ARTEVO Week. Every visitor could feel and experience how much potential this new reference solution has for trend-setting perspectives in the window industry. Only ARTEVO can do that, only REHAU Window Solutions can do that. The close and intensive dialogue with markets and customers worldwide is always the basis and guideline of our work – says Peter Kotzur, Director Marketing of REHAU Window Solutions.

At the ARTEVO production site in Wittmund, the experts from REHAU Window Solutions are working hard. They meet the high demand with the usual premium performance in terms of production and delivery.

As always, the entire team here at the site works with passion and precision. Our focus is fully on our customers and the markets. Last but not least, 15 years of manufacturing expertise for fibre-reinforced profiles here in Wittmund ensure top values in terms of delivery capability, flexibility and quality – says Thomas Roblick, Plant Manager REHAU Window Solutions Wittmund.



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