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7 sierpnia 2023

Window security at the highest level with SWISSPACER Air

Window security at the highest level with SWISSPACER Air
fot. EKO-OKNA | Window security at the highest level with SWISSPACER Air

Eko-Okna S.A. has introduced a new product to its offer - SWISSPACER Air. It is an innovative technology that prevents glass units from cracking during transport and allows for improved acoustic and thermal insulation.

SWISSPACER Air was created to solve one of the fundamental problems in the window industry. In the case of the space between the panes, the air pressure tends to constantly adapt to the pressure outside, but due to the closed system, this is impossible. If the window is installed on an object located at a different height than the production site, the pressure difference may result in noticeable deformations – the glass may bulge or concave. 

This effect is also observed during transport, especially with large differences in height, such as in mountain passes, in tunnels or when transported by plane. As a consequence, this leads to increased stresses on the edges of the glass, which in turn can damage the edge seal or even cause the glass to break. SWISSPACER Air was created to minimize this risk.


SWISSPACER Air (see the product) consists of a metal sleeve and a special membrane that effectively compensates for the pressure in the glass unit, which in turn reduces the load and minimizes the risk of glass breakage. At the same time, thanks to the specific construction, the product prevents the accumulation of water vapour in the space between the panes, which can lead to condensation or damage to metal elements. Thanks to this, it allows to increase the durability and extend the service life of insulating glass units.

The main advantage of SWISSPACER Air is the ability to prevent insulating glass units from cracking due to pressure differences during transport by plane or differences in height between the place of production and the place of use. Thanks to this product, window and door manufacturers can be sure that their products will reach the customer intact, without damage resulting from pressure differences – says Michał Maciejewski, managing director of the commercial and purchasing department. – This solution will certainly be of interest to customers looking for innovative and comprehensive solutions.  

The new product, available in the offer of Eko-Okna S.A., is an innovative solution that significantly improves thermal and acoustic insulation, which affects the comfort of use. It is an effective way to reduce the noise that reaches the interior by 20%, and to increase the sound insulation of windows by 3 dB, which contributes to better soundproofing of rooms.


Eko-Okna S.A. once again introduces a novelty to the market that its customers and distributors expect. SWISSPACER Air is a product that meets the expectations of even the most demanding users of windows and doors. Thanks to its unique properties, SWISSPACER Air provides not only excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, but also safety and comfort of use. Eko-Okna S.A. always focuses on quality and innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers, and SWISSPACER Air is another proof that this company is a leader in the industry.


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