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1 sierpnia 2023

Easy and Efficient Manufacture – new door sash profile heroal D 72 PF EM wins Innovation Award

The new sash profile heroal D 72 PF EM is based on the tried and tested system logic of the door system heroal D 72, and stands out for its easy and efficient fabrication.
fot. heroal | The new sash profile heroal D 72 PF EM is based on the tried and tested system logic of the door system heroal D 72, and stands out for its easy and efficient fabrication.

Thanks to its enhanced design, the new sash profile heroal D 72 PF EM not only reduces the working steps required in the manufacture of doors, it also requires less material. Throughput times in the workshop can be reduced by up to 20%. This makes the fabrication process significantly easier and highly efficient, while at the same time maintaining the sophisticated system logic of the door system heroal D 72. 

heroal D 72 PF EM with its design options and different accessories is an extremely economical solution, tailored to the market requirements for front doors. At the BAU fair in Munich, heroal D 72 PF EM won the Innovation Award 2023 for its highly efficient production. The established residential and commercial front door system heroal D 72 stands for a great variety of designs and outstanding performance features. The new sash profile heroal D 72 PF EM offers an additional option for the manufacture of doors, and provides for a very fast and economical fabrication with a limited range of design options and accessories. 

The excellent manufacturing features of heroal D 72 PF EM were also recognised by the jury of the Innovation Award Architecture+Building at BAU 2023. The jury selected the new sash profile and honoured it for its short production time and the faster, easier door panel installation using clips instead of the more complex panel bonding. With this decision, the jury also recognises that heroal D 72 PF EM strongly meets current market requirements. 

The profile geometry with its fixed inside stop without glazing strip (PF = “Panel Fixed“) has been designed for a standard door panel thickness, which, together with additional design features, provides for an easier and more efficient manufacture and installation (EM = “Easy Mount“). However, this new system is still based on the logic of the well-thought-out door system heroal D 72. As some machining steps are eliminated, the fabrication time of the entire system is reduced, and installation is made easier - also on the jobsite. The required tools are the same as for the system heroal D 72, so that no additional investment needs to be made.

Design solutions simplify fabrication

The new insulating strip geometry of the sash profile heroal D 72 PF EM provides for protection against warping without any additionally required manufacturing steps. This eliminates the usual works on the profile composite and slide-in springs, which makes fabrication easier, faster and more reliable. The insulating strip serves as exterior semi-facing, and as support to receive the reversible retaining strip needed to attach the door panel.

Reversible panel attachment

Compared to the standard panel bonding using 2K adhesives on the entire surface, the reversible panel attachment is not only the most efficient and process-reliable way to attach a panel, it is now also made even faster and easier: the attachment does not require any works on the profile. The usual mechanical locking pins have been replaced with a circumferential clip profile that connects the door panel with the sash profile. Also, it is no longer required to insert the sealing cord.

Fixed inside stop

As the door sash profile does not require a glazing strip, the fabrication is now very easy and fast: the sash profile with fixed inside stop has been designed for a standard door panel thickness of 48 mm. Any additional works on the door panel are not required.

Enhanced sealant and thermal efficiency

The vulcanised moulded corners connect the door sealant with the new fitting rebate insulation, so that standard sealing wedges are no longer required. This reduces the number of working steps and material input. The new fitting rebate insulation is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and provides for an ideal attachment of the motif board of the door panel.

Sash profile behind the stop

Since the sash profile is to be found behind the stop, there is no outside shadow gap, which means that meeting specific gap sizes on the exterior face is no longer required. On the inside, either a flush or recessed sash can be used. With a recessed sash profile, the shadow gap is eliminated both on the interior and exterior face.

Threshold with clips

Matching the easy and efficient manufacture of the sash profile heroal D 72 PF EM, the new, 2-part continuous threshold solution can be used, in addition to the standard threshold solution using screws. This new threshold solution combines the design advantages of a continuous threshold running under the frame, and the advantages of a supported threshold using screws. Also, the profiles are simply clipped in, which makes it easy to flexibly adapt fabrication times to customer requirements and order situations. 


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