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29 maja 2023

Opening new horizons in the field of sectional doors

Opening new horizons in the field of sectional doors
fot. EKO-OKNA | Opening new horizons in the field of sectional doors

INFINITI ZERO, a new proposal from Eko-Okna S.A., is a renovation solution for the installation of sectional garage doors.

Eko-Okna introduces a breakthrough solution to the market for garages that struggle with the lack of side space and headroom. Traditional garage doors always require free space on the side walls to be able to open freely. However, INFINITI ZERO changes this principle by allowing installation without the need for additional space.

INFINITI ZERO is a revolutionary solution that allows you to install a sectional door even in garages with limited side space. The advanced components of the system create a space between the inner wall and the guiding rails, which allows the door to be installed without the need for space on the side walls. This construction opens up new possibilities in the design and use of garage space. 

In addition, the gate provides an aesthetic appearance thanks to the use of renovated masking profiles. Regardless of the limited space, the door looks elegant and harmonious with the surroundings. The standard width of the gate is up to 3.17m, and the height is 3m. If you need to order a gate with larger dimensions, Eko-Okna offers individual technical consultation to find the best solution for the client.

INFINITI ZERO, a novelty introduced by Eko-Okna S.A., opens up new horizons in terms of functionality and convenience for garage owners. Thanks to the possibility of assembly without the need for side space, it gives freedom to design garages even with limited space. Its aesthetic exterior and installation flexibility make it an excellent option for both renovation projects and new builds.


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